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RWN Up and Coming nominations being excepted

Every year the Rochester Women’s Network honors 5 Up & Coming Businesswomen from our community for their professional and career leadership potential...
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Angella Luyk celebrates success with shoes

Ah, a woman and a closet full of beautiful shoes. It is a pairing that can be seen as glamorous...
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Deciding whether to grow your business or to get a job

Are you at the point in your life where you feel you are at a crossroads? Are you at the...
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When Networking Be Prepared

How many times have you gone networking and at the end felt like you accomplished nothing? How many times have...
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Your elevator speech

I have often wondered why they call your introduction an elevator speech. I have often wondered why they call your introduction an...
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The lost art of ‘thank you’

Have you ever been in a store and received excellent customer service?  Have you ever been in a store and...
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Rebranding yourself?

Have you recently been downsized and decided to take this opportunity to start your own business?  Have you recently  been...
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When business owners need to work on leadership

As a business owner leadership skills are important for each of us to have. As a business owner leadership skills...
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Two Doors

I recently became aware of an organization called Two Doors located at 2984 Dewey Avenue at the intersection of Maiden...
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Need help expanding your business?

Are you thinking about enhancing / expanding your business, but are not made of money? Are you thinking about enhancing...
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