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Are you frustrated with all that you have to do in a day? Would you like to take the task of dealing with the cleaning of your office off your to do list? At Midnight Janitorial, we can help.

We are a WBE (Women Owned Enterprise), full service janitorial company. What does that mean for you?

• We can supply all your paper and plastic needs (with no delivery fee).
• We do more than just grab the trash and go, please view our services page to see the detail we put in to our cleaning.





First Angella Luyk did a walk through of our space and asked us for our particular issues and concerns. We pointed out some spider webs at the crest of our lobby ceiling and before she left, she went to her car and got equipment to remove the nests! We had reported those areas to the previous cleaners several times and it was truly amazing to see them taken care of before they were even hired! Angella makes it a point to stop by on weekends to “spot” check on the work being done. She also sto… Read more
Patricia H. DromgooleCourt AdministratorTown of PittsfordPittsford, NY
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