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Are you frustrated with all that you have to do in a day? Would you like to take the task of dealing with the cleaning of your office off your to do list? At Midnight Janitorial, we can help.

We are a WBE (Women Owned Enterprise), full service janitorial company. What does that mean for you?

• We can supply all your paper and plastic needs (with no delivery fee).
• We do more than just grab the trash and go, please view our services page to see the detail we put in to our cleaning.





Midnight Janitorial has been servicing our company since 2006. Before that, we were with a cleaning company that “cut-corners.” Since being with Midnight Janitorial we have noticed a big improvement in the cleaning services; at our own offices and our tenants. In the past we were fielding an average of five complaints per week from our tenants. Nowadays, we hear of issues about once per month and most of those are minor. I can honestly say that Midnight has a trust-worthy and reliable staff. The… Read more
Lorrie BarryService ManagerNorry Management Corporation1465 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY
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