The commercial cleaning industry is enormous, consuming billions of pounds of cleaning supply chemicals and janitorial paper annually. This has a tremendous impact on our air, water, soil, and other resources.

Scientific studies have shown that chemical cleaning products can be harmful to the health of people and animals. Allergic reactions, eye and skin irritations and respiratory problems are frequently attributed to toxic cleaning products. In addition to negatively affecting the health of families, employees and pets, business productivity may also decrease over the long term when employees are consistently exposed to harsh chemical cleaning products. Opting for “green cleaning” has several advantages that prove to be less costly when compared to reduced efficiency in the workplace or increased medical expenses. In addition, green cleaning may also help to reduce energy costs.

Eco-friendly cleaning creates healthier surroundings

Green cleaning helps improve indoor air quality and reduce health problems that traditional products and processes can cause. Building occupants experience fewer incidences of irritations or sensitivities to the indoor environment.

Healthier environments increase productivity

Statistics show increased satisfaction, improved morale, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity and efficacy can occur when a facility is maintained using green cleaning processes and chemicals. Building occupants appreciate knowing green practices are used in the facility they occupy.

We at Midnight Janitorial Inc., are committed to providing customers with the highest quality, environmentally responsible green cleaning service solutions.