Hiring & Training Philosophy

About Our Hiring and Training Philosophy

As the name implies, we start work when many of our clients are leaving to go home. You don’t find many business owners in the field with their staff… unless there are significant issues. So, I think it is important to let you know that all of our cleaning crews are supervised by a manager or Angella, so every job is done to your satisfaction. With your satisfaction in mind, we take the job of hiring, training, and supervising our employees very seriously.

Our hiring practices are well above the industry standards. A potential employee is subjected to a thorough background check, including a review of their driving records through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. If we have any concern, they are never hired to work for Midnight Janitorial.

Once hired, our employees receive at least one month of intensive training on our unique method of cleaning. We teach them cleaning skills, introduce them to quality “green” cleaning products and observe them through a supplemental on-the-job training program. Once trained to our satisfaction, they are assigned to their team. Each Midnight Janitorial employee understands that they will be held accountable for the quality of their work. And, in the end, we work as a team. To ensure your peace of mind we always assign the same team of people to your facility. You know exactly who is in your building. This will ensure that you our valued client are nothing short of delighted with the results!

At Midnight Janitorial, we pride ourselves on the longevity of our employees. We know this stability comes from providing quality job training. This training allows them to be clear about their job responsibilities, and empowers them to perform to their highest potential. Remember our driving philosophy: If it’s dirty, it gets cleaned, no questions asked. Because at Midnight Janitorial “WE DON’T CUT CORNERS, WE CLEAN THEM”!

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