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Myth’s every business owner would like to dispel

Recently I asked my fellow business owners, what are some of the myths that they believed or have heard, before...
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Customer Service

Customer service is not about you the business, it is about keeping your customer happy and continuing to do business with...
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Are you busy or just acting busy?

When I first started in business, I thought I needed to pack my schedule everyday to feel like I was truly...
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Taking your business to the next level

Starting a new business can be very difficult, on average it takes three to five years to reach a comfortable...
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Embrace who you are

For the past 10 years I have heard mixed reviews on who I should be. Some say I need to...
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Not feeling Confident? Here are a few things to think about.

No one knows everything. Seems unlikely sometimes though right? There is always those few people who are so confident in...
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Rochester Women’s Network now accepting applications for their Up and Coming Award

RWN's prestigious Businesswomen's Awards are presented annually to local women who have worked full-time in their current career fields for...
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Learn tips on Strategy, Culture and Profits

Please join me for, Strategy, Culture and Profits on July 15, 2015 from 7:30am -10:00am.  This program is sponsored by the Genesee Valley...
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Tips for taking care of you

Many of us have full schedules. We run to the office and work all day. Sometimes past 5pm, then we...
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Asking for Help

Asking for help can be difficult. Many may see this as a sign of weakness. Asking for help needs to...
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Femfessionals Rochester teams up with Black Button Distillery for a good cause and networking

Please join Femfessionals Rochester for a social networking event and a tour the beautiful Black Button Distillery. You can visit...
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Women at Work: Angella Luyk’s tips on protecting a deal

There used to be a time when a hand shake sealed the deal; no more. In today's economy, you need...
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How to clean up a messy office

I like to think of myself as a neat and tidy person, but to look at my office space you...
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SCORE Celebrates 50th Anniversary

SCORE is a volunteer organization of over 80 experienced business professionals, servicing Monroe and the surrounding counties. SCORE is part...
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5 ‘W’ Award finalists chosen

Five finalists for the 29th annual “W” Award were announced Saturday. The Rochester Women’s Network said the finalists for its...
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Networking tips to help you find your next job

Looking for a job can be difficult. Take advantage of networking events and recruitment events to meet potential employers. Here...
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Consignment Store Shopping to Build Your Closet

A few weeks ago I wrote about dressing for work. If you are a budget conscious person, I have an...
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Getting more work done at the office

Do you find yourself not accomplishing as much at work as you would like? You start your day off with...
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The 10 Costly Performance Feedback Mistakes Managers Make Seminar

GVC SHRM is hosting a monthly program at 30 North Union Street. March 18, 2014 starting at 7:30-9am. Every supervisor,...
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Tips to beat the need for a mid day siesta

Have you noticed you start to lose focus in the afternoons? Does a nap seem like a good idea around...
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Myths of Networking

Are you getting the most out of your networking time? Do you come home with the feeling that you just...
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Dress For Success

I was reading an article on line from Forbes that I found interesting. Allow me to quote them for accuracy....
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Ibero, One Stop team up to collect school supplies

As the holiday season wraps up, many students in Ibero's Youth Services Division will find themselves without necessary school supplies...
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Simple steps to making networking in a crowd a bit easier

1. Before you go to the event, set a goal of how many people you would like to meet. Keep this number...
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Lots of business ideas will not work, find one and start there.

Step 1.  Take a moment to write all these ideas down. Do not think about what will work and what...
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Women at work: Is vendor show right for your business?

Are you prepared for vendor shows? If you have never participated in a vendor show, there are a few things...
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RWN announce they are accepting applications for 2014 Up and Coming award

Do you know someone who has been in their current career for less than 10 years? Are they doing great...
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Going from home office to an office with others, what you need to know

For many years I have been using a home office. As my business has changed and expanded I needed to...
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Helping out kids who don’t have Easter baskets

Angella Luyk of Midnight Janitorial talks about what went into her Easter-basket giveaway. Originally published in the Democrat & Chronicle...
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Joleene Moody will be presenting specific tools and techniques to take your sales to a higher level

On May 8, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Pittsford Public Library, 24 State Street, Pittsford, NY,...
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Working with your spouse / business partner, a few simple ideas to make this easier

Working with a business partner, or spouse will be difficult. There will be times when you both want to be...
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Networking effectively for beginners and beyond presented by RWN an interactive event

Networking is a skill that when done well, can lead to great things in your professional and your personal life.  The...
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What does it really cost to participate in vendor shows

When participating in a vendor show, there are a few things you want to consider. 1. Is participating in these types of...
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How well are you following up with perspective clients? Do you have a plan?

To be a more effective with your follow up, you should develop a plan.  Time gets away from each of...
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Get it in writing!

There used to be a time when a hand shake sealed the deal.  This was all you needed, it was...
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4th Annual Pathways to Entrepreneurial Success

Did you ever think of about starting your own business or already have a business and you are looking to...
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Are you prepared?

Recently I took a trip out of the country. I had to prepare for this new experience. A new language...
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Network, but take your time

How many of us were told, when we were children, that talking to strangers equaled danger? This well-meaning mantra was...
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5th annual “hat”itude event

This is Sabrina Wilkerson's 5th year as the volunteer chair hosting "HAT"titude along with a phenomenal committee of Community Place...
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How to give and get referrals

I often hear, "I don't receive good referrals. what am I doing wrong?" I often hear, "I don't receive good...
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RWN Up and Coming nominations being excepted

Every year the Rochester Women’s Network honors 5 Up & Coming Businesswomen from our community for their professional and career leadership potential...
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Angella Luyk celebrates success with shoes

Ah, a woman and a closet full of beautiful shoes. It is a pairing that can be seen as glamorous...
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Deciding whether to grow your business or to get a job

Are you at the point in your life where you feel you are at a crossroads? Are you at the...
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When Networking Be Prepared

How many times have you gone networking and at the end felt like you accomplished nothing? How many times have...
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Your elevator speech

I have often wondered why they call your introduction an elevator speech. I have often wondered why they call your introduction an...
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The lost art of ‘thank you’

Have you ever been in a store and received excellent customer service?  Have you ever been in a store and...
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Rebranding yourself?

Have you recently been downsized and decided to take this opportunity to start your own business?  Have you recently  been...
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When business owners need to work on leadership

As a business owner leadership skills are important for each of us to have. As a business owner leadership skills...
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Two Doors

I recently became aware of an organization called Two Doors located at 2984 Dewey Avenue at the intersection of Maiden...
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Need help expanding your business?

Are you thinking about enhancing / expanding your business, but are not made of money? Are you thinking about enhancing...
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Part 2: Your business plan and ‘The Money’

You are doing great, first part of the business plan is finished. You are doing great, first part of the...
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Thank you

Two simple words, but oh so powerful. Two simple words, but oh so powerful. The question is why have we...
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Setting goals and rewards

New Years Eve seems to be the biggest time of the year that each of us gets motivated to set...
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Use two powerful little words: ‘Thank You’

Have you ever been in a store and received excellent customer service? Did you take a moment to say thank...
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Think twice before giving up your business

Are you at a point in your life where you feel you are at a crossroads? You have spent a...
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Athena award finalists announced

The Women's Council, an affiliate of the Rochester Business Alliance, on Friday named 18 finalists for the 2011 Athena award,...
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Quality advice drives successful businesses

You have decided to start a business. But where should you begin? First, determine what services to offer. Remember that...
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Rochester Up and Coming Women named

It's always good to start off the work week with a little inspiration, and mine came today at a luncheon...
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