Let us be the last company you need to hire.

It's time to stop the revolving door of cleaning companies. 

    With over 20 years of cleaning experience in Rochester, we know how to clean your office the right way.

We understand not wanting to change janitorial companies one more time. After all the last few promised you that they would be different. And yes, for a time they were good, but somehow over time the problems just started to creep back up. You call to complain, they promise to address the issue. It gets better for a few weeks and then the decline starts again.

Perhaps you call them only to be shuffled between people while you wait to speak to the person who can actually address your issues. The person who sold you the account and promised to be there for you, is gone. They were just a sales person, now you are left to navigate the never ending prompts to speak to someone.



How many times have you gone into the restroom to find no toilet paper or paper towels, they were not stocked the night before? There is nothing worse than having one of your clients ask to use your restroom and you have to wonder if they are going to come out and discreetly whisper to you that the stall is out of toilet paper.

Ever have a big lunch catered in the conference room, only to come in the next day to a foul smell? Yep once again the cleaners neglected to clean the conference room. Even though you told them that you occasionally use it and it would need to be checked on a daily basis.

How many of your employees stay late? Do they ever get scared of the changing faces around the building? Seems like the cleaner changes on a regular basis. And again down goes the level of service.

After your sales person sold you on this new "fabulously different" janitorial company, do you ever hear from anyone? A quick phone call checking in to see how things are going? A simple note letting you know there was an issue in your building? Even a nice heads up that the cleaning people are changing over to new ones, just so you can warn your staff of the new faces.

At Midnight Janitorial, the owners Angella Luyk and Harry Powell are the ones who come out and walk through your building and address all your concerns. We don't want to pretend everything will be perfect all the time, after all that's impossible and exactly what everyone else promised you and failed at. Instead we will promise you that when you need to reach us you can call us directly on our cell phones. 

We will reach out to you on a regular basis, just to say hi. At this point if there are any issues we can address them immediately with your cleaning team.

In the event we have to make a change to your staff, we will send you an email making you aware of what is going on. No more surprises for you.



  Midnight Janitorial Inc is the only janitorial company in the United States to be a recipient of not only the Rochester Business Ethics Award in 2008 but also the (National) American Business Ethics Award in 2009.

 We were the recipients of these awards due to our commitment to ethical practices, our commitment to our employees, our clients and our community. Each of these areas helps us develop long term relationships with our employees and our clients. This commitment allows us

to give you a better cleaning experience.


You meet with the owners and throughout your contract speak directly to us for issues

It can be very frustrating when you just want your issue resolved. You shouldn't have to call and speak to different people, hoping your message gets to the right person. And wait for the issue to be resolved. Which from past experiences never happens.

With Midnight Janitorial we reach out to you on a regular basis to ensure everything is going well. You let us know if you would like weekly, monthly or quarterly calls. No more just hearing from the cleaning company when its renewal time.

We take the time to fully train our employees on your building’s needs.

While most companies will walk the cleaner through your building once and may even stay for the first day, we have found that's just not enough. Instead we have developed a system that works. Once hired the potential cleaner will watch training videos on our specific way of cleaning. They are then given a training manual to read explaining in detail how we clean.

They are then brought to the account with a qualified trainer. For the first few minutes they will watch the trainer clean while they listen to exact instructions. They switch roles and the trainer watches them pointing out what they may have missed and giving positive feedback.

We don't just stop there. Once the employee has a full understanding of our cleaning techniques, they are given a written step by step directions on how to clean your facility. They sign a copy and keep a copy on site, this allows them to refer back to this list if the needed. We then have a manager checking your building on a regular basis looking for issues and asking for feedback from the cleaners.

When an employee feels appreciated, they will work harder.

At Midnight Janitorial we strive to make sure each employee feels apart of the company. Its more than just a job to them. We will randomly give them bags of mints, thanking them for their "commitmint". On their birthdays they receive a birthday card with a lottery scratch off ticket. During their anniversary month they receive either a movie night care package or a gift card and award certificate recognizing their longevity.

During the hot summer months Angella and Harry will drive around to accounts and offer the employees a Popsicle break. They additionally host a summer party. Each of the employees will bring their families for a cook out. Prizes are raffled off to each person.

There are many things that Midnight Janitorial does for their employees to ensure they feel appreciated. Studies reveal that 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated. A hard working employee means a cleaner facility for our clients.

Without the support of our community, we wouldn't be here.

Our community has supported us for the past 20 years. When we were just starting out, they were willing to give us a chance. They believed in Midnight Janitorial and our philosophy of Employees before Profits, way before that was the norm.

We have made it an important part of our every growing business plan to always incorporate a giving back policy. When we reached out to our employees about donating their time, the answer as to why they didn't do more was simple. They couldn't afford to loose valuable work time. We quickly created a policy that allows each employee to volunteer for the charity of their choice and be paid up to 4 hours a month.

We knew that we needed to set the example on our new philanthropy role. When the owners were most recently made aware that one of their employees was putting off surgery due to lack of funds, they started a raffle to raise money to help with expenses. They paid for his cell phone for a year and gave him a weeks paid vacation.

First Angella Luyk did a walk through of our space and asked us for our particular issues and concerns. We pointed out some spider webs at the crest of our lobby ceiling and before she left, she went to her car and got equipment to remove the nests! We had reported those areas to the previous cleaners several times and it was truly amazing to see them taken care of before they were even hired! - Patricia H. DromgooleCourt AdministratorTown of PittsfordPittsford, NY


Angella frequently stops in to see how things are going, and if there is anything that can be cleaned better. At one point I mentioned that one of the men’s rooms had an odor to it. Immediately Angella went out and purchased deodorizers, to put in the bathrooms, and she put them in the women’s room. Pittsford Senior Center, Pittsford, NY
What our current clients say about us.

We know that change can be stressful. Currently you are working at your job and in a sense managing the cleaners. It shouldn't be that way. Let us help you take one more thing off you to do list. With our systems, our great cleaning crew and our follow up, we can have you back to happy again in no time.

Give us a call to talk about your options today. 585-230-4008.

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