Two simple words, but oh so powerful.

Two simple words, but oh so powerful. The question is why have we stopped using them? Here are some great opportunities to say Thank you.

1.) When you receive great customer service take a moment to tell the person how wonderful they were. Did they solve your problem, give you exceptional service? Let  them know you appreciate what they did. You may want to take it a step further and put it in writing and send it to their manager. It sure will help them when their next review comes up.

2.) Thank your employees. A small thank you can go along way to boost morale. You can do employee of the week, month, or year. Have lunch catered for them one day out of the blue, and just say thanks for working so hard for us. Watch how much more productive they become afterwards.

3.) Did someone meet you for coffee and offered you some advice? How did you thank them? A hand written note is nice, a small gift card to that coffee place works. Perhaps you even returned the favor with a referral. Anyway you show them you appreciate them for taking time out of their day to help you will work.

4.) After a job interview or speaking with a potential client. Send them a handwritten note of thanks, for their time. You will be amazed at the response you get, it may even help you stand out just a bit more from the rest of the candidates.

5.) Did a reporter write a story about you? While most times they can not except gifts, you could still try. Take them to lunch and get to know them. Again you may be amazed at how much you learn about what they are doing and could possibly make a new friend.

These are just a few ways you can thank someone. Imagine how much happier we each might be if we took a moment to thank people for a job well done. I know when I receive a thank you for something I have done, I feel good. If I was having a bad day, that little note turns my mood right around. I would love to hear how you say thank you. Perhaps you can inspire someone else with your ideas.