About Our Services

At Midnight Janitorial our cleaning process has many elements which, when combined, produce an outstanding result as well as a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

These elements include superior management and supervision, motivated employees, time tested processes and procedures, a detailed report system, intensive supervisory training program, and most importantly, communication with our clients. Our services are determined by your need.

Kitchen Cleaning

• Microwaves are cleaned inside and out. Microwave Cleaning Tips »

• Cabinet fronts are wiped (for coffee and food stains).

• Outside of refrigerators are wiped down.

• We can also clean out refrigerator once a month for you.

• Tables and chairs are wiped down.

• Floors are vacuumed and mopped.

• Sinks are cleaned. Sink Cleaning Tips »

Bathroom Cleaning

• Each toilet is wiped down, from top to bottom (making sure to hit the base).

• Toilet paper dispensers, and any other hard surfaces are wiped.

• Stall divider walls are wiped, including the tops.

• Mirrors and sinks are cleaned.

• Walls are wiped, including ones behind garbage can, and paper towel dispensers.

• All paper products are stocked nightly.


• We use Swiffer Dusters on all window ledges.

• We use Swiffer Dusters on all surfaces.

• We use Swiffer Dusters on computer ledges.

• Baseboards and door ledges are wiped down.


• We vacuum the ceiling vents to keep dust from blow down.

• We pay special attention to the edges and corners, where your regular vacuum cannot reach.

• We vacuum underneath desks to clean behind wires.

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