I am writing this letter on behalf of Angella Luyk, CEO of Midnight Janitorial. While they have been cleaning the Pittsford Senior Center for the past three years, I have only known them for the past year. I met Angella when she was filling in for one of her cleaners. I must say, I was impressed to see her cleaning just as her employees do.

She frequently stops in to see how things are going, and if there is anything that can be cleaned better. At one point I mentioned that one of the men’s rooms had an odor to it. Immediately Angella went out and purchased deodorizers, to put in the bathrooms, and she put them in the women’s room.

Angella also took the initiative to place baskets in the bathrooms, when she noticed we kept leaving piles of hand towels on the counter. The problem was that our seniors citizens could not grab the towels and pull down, their arthritis would act up. The important part of this is that Angella could have kept charging us for the paper towels that kept getting wet and had to be thrown away. She is responsible for supplying us with paper products. The more we use, or throw away, the more money she could have made. By placing the baskets on the counter, we no longer waste paper, and in these hard economic times everyone wants to save money.

Flo DorseyRecreation SupervisorPittsford Senior CenterPittsford, NY