GVC SHRM is hosting a monthly program at 30 North Union Street. March 18, 2014 starting at 7:30-9am.

Every supervisor, manager, and organization contends with improving employee performance, and gaining the skills to do so. Many supervisors and managers delay giving employees feedback because they don’t know how to successfully resolve defensiveness and other negative reactions, including blame, excuses, and complaints when they occur. This allows unproductive employee work behaviors such as spreading negative gossip, surfing the internet instead of working, arriving for work late, or not following procedures to continue and worsen. These unproductive work behaviors cost organizations hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, while creating much frustration and stress, yet they can be greatly reduced with proven skills.

By the end of this session, participants will:

Learn the skill of giving employees performance feedback the way they want to be given it in order to gain their cooperation to improve their performance.

Learn what the 10 costly performance feedback mistakes are.

Understand the large workplace difference between gaining employee cooperation to improve performance versus insisting on employee compliance to improve performance.

Ross Blake is a senior level trainer with 25 years of experience in conducting performance feedback, conflict resolution, leadership, team building, and meeting effectiveness skills training, and providing coaching. He trains managers how to conduct productive performance conversations and reviews instead of dreading them, and how to resolve defensiveness win-win. Based in WNY, he’s also a consultant and the author of How to Give Employees Performance Feedback & Resolve Resistance. Julie O’Mara, a past National President of ASTD, the American Society for Training and Development (now ATD), and Daniel H. Pink, the NYT and WSJ best-selling author, both endorsed the book. He rarely uses PowerPoint presentations; instead, his participants learn through demonstrations, brief presentations, discovery, and skill practices. Ross’ clients have included the Blair Direct Apparel Division of Orchard Brands; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Corning Incorporated; Northwest Savings Bank, United Refining Company; US Social Security Administration, Yancey’s Fancy, and others. A graduate of Ohio University, he has also completed graduate work at SUNY Fredonia.


GVC SHRM Member: $30

Non-Member: $40

Member in Transition: $15

Student: $15

Seating is limited! Book today!


Originally published in the Democrat & Chronicle on March 6th, 2015.