Have you noticed you start to lose focus in the afternoons? Does a nap seem like a good idea around 2 o’clock? You start the day off right, you eat a healthy breakfast and try to eat a good lunch, but you still hit that wall. I have noticed that the first hour after lunch I am productive, but then it begins to go downhill fast, and I start thinking I am going to just put my head down for only a moment.

Does this sound familiar?

The priority is fueling your body and mind to complete the tasks at hand.  Be prepared for your day by having healthy snack options on hand when you feel run down and need a boost. Grab celery with natural peanut butter or low fat cream cheese, a handful of almonds, walnuts, or cashews. Low fat low sugar Greek Yogurt, fruits with fiber-rich skin like and apple, pear, peach make great snacks. I know what you are going to say, no time in the morning to grab healthy snacks. You can prepare these snacks on Sunday for the week. Just label Ziploc bags with the days of the week. On your way into the office grab a snack pack.

This will help you avoid vending machines. We need to resist the vending machine options which are loaded with high caffeine, sugar and fat and only gives us a temporary high, only to crash later. Avoiding these snacks will also save you money.

Drinking green tea hot or poured over ice or water with fresh lemons, oranges, or strawberries in it will serve a double purpose. If your office has a refrigerator perhaps you can purchase one of those large drink servers that diffuses the fruit into your water. This will help keep you stay hydrated, but also makes you walk to the bathroom more. By walking to the bathroom more often, you give your mind a mental rest and your body gets a workout from the walk. You will feel more energized to tackle that next project.

Try walking around your office while on the phone. This gets the blood flowing and allows you to breathe deep from your diaphragm. Sitting on a medicine ball instead of a chair will help work your inner core, and perfect your posture.

Take 15 minutes away from your desk and go outside and get some fresh air. Sitting in a cubicle with no windows can be draining. Take a few moments to go outside, even when it’s cold. The air will help invigorate you.

Be prepared with healthy alternatives, and you can beat the end of the mid-day slump.

Originally published in the Democrat & Chronicle on February 25th, 2015.